Climb Nova Scotia's 12th Annual Boulderfest

Every year, Climb Nova Scotia (CNS) hosts the annual rock climbing festival, “Boulderfest”.  This weekend long festival takes place on Dover Island, NS., a small granite island off the eastern coast of Nova Scotia. Climbers are ferried to the island, fed, and spend the weekend climbing in one of the most picturesque settings imaginable. This wonderful event is made possible by all the sponsors and most of all, Climb Nova Scotia. Thanks largely to the efforts of the CNS executive board members and a strong roster of volunteers the event went very smoothly. 

We were attending Boulderfest to photograph for Gripped Climbing Magazine as part of a feature piece for their September issue.  While Dover Island is beautiful, it is equally remote making shooting a bit more complicated. We brought minimal gear, and had to make sure it was somewhat sheltered from the ocean while shooting. Incredibly high winds caused massive waves to crash all over the island and the subsequent spray created a constant salt water mist in the air. However, we managed to pull off some shots we're happy with and all the gear made it off the island without issue.

Check out some of our favourite shots!