IFSC Bouldering World Cup

Wow, what a weekend that was. 

This past weekend the IFSC Bouldering World Cup made it’s stop at Gravity Climbing Gym in Hamilton, ON. We had the privilege of photographing the top climbers in the world compete for the top spots all weekend long. In the end, the Austrian couple of Anna Stohr and Killian Fischuber took home gold. 

This was an interesting event to shoot for several reasons.

First off, lighting was an issue. Sodium vapor lights are not our friends. So we opted to light the area with 2, 1200ws packs with a dedicated head on each to produce a reasonable f-stop.

Secondly, chalk on everything. On the first day we opted to shoot tethered. This alleviated the worry of filling up cards, but also allowed for the photos to be filled very quickly by not having to wait for cards to dump. However, this was quickly put to a stop after repeatedly having to wipe down the capture station from all the chalk in the air. 

Third, there were lots of people. It was crowded, but what can you do? Between judges, volunteers, competitors, and routesetters, there wasn't very much room to move around. So we had to lay claim to what we believed to be the best spot and shoot what we could from there. Working along side fellow photographer Miguel Jette, was great as we were able to coordinate shooting to make sure that all angles were covered.

Two long days later and a lung full of chalk, we made it through and are happy to showcase some of our favorite images from the weekend.